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Input form in Word

02.11.2018 (👁2638)


This entry shows how to create an input form in MS Word containing several input fields.

The input fields are highlighted in green and become active as soon as you click on a field.

The input fields are simple text fields, drop-down selection fields or multi-line comment fields

The inputs can be further processed as variables in macros and automated.


Inquiries for the entry form under,

The file with the following input field as a template or example is available for download in the appendix.







Email eingeben


Wählen Sie ein Land aus.




Input form in Word


Create input fields

Step 1: Menu-> Developer Tools -> [Controls] -> Text Only Content Control



Step 2: Turn on draft mode


Step 3) Input field-> Properties



Step 4) Enter title, text, field lock

Here first name and first name

Lock: the content control can not be deleted -> enable


Step 5) Mark text

Then mark text in the field


Step 6) Enter preview text

As default or preview text you can either enter spaces or enter as logical input text like "please enter first name".


Step 7) Highlight the color

In order to recognize the input fields as an input form, the fields should be marked in color.

To do this, completely mark the text inside the input field and highlight it with the color tool as the background color.

Tip: As a field as the tax office with light green.


Step 8) Turn off draft mode

Under Menu-> Developer Tools> Turn Off Design Mode



Step 9) Check input fields

The input fields now appear as green placeholders. As soon as you click in a field, the field appears darker and a frame becomes visible.


Step 10) Check input

If you then enter text with the keyboard, the green placeholder is replaced and the text box expands as far as the input text itself is

As you enter text, the field expands



Alternative input fields

1) As a mail merge field

Advantage: can be connected to a serial letter




«Mergefield» «Name_Seriendruckfeld»


2) Fill-in field

Simple text input to complete. Disadvantage: can not be automated in macros.




{ FILLIN  Alter \d 55  \* MERGEFORMAT }