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Kern Fusion : Intense, energetic electron beam assisted fusion neutron generator

02.05.2019 (👁278)


Energetic electron beam assisted fusion neutron generator which comprises a lasma generator and an electron source interconnected by a pinch tube and control means for the plasma generator, electron source, and said pinch tube to cause the electron source to be focused on the plasma from the plasma generator and to cause the electron source to be transmitted to the plasma of the plasma generator at the appropriate time to cause a maximum amount of neutrons to be produced by the interaction of the outputs of the plasma generator and the electron source through an appropriate gas filling the plasma generator.




United States Patent


Roberts ,   et al.

May 25, 1976


Roberts; Thomas G. (Huntsville, AL), Shatas; Romas A. (Huntsville, AL), Meyer, III; Harry C. (Huntsville, AL), Stettler; John D. (Huntsville, AL)


The United States of America as represented by the Secretary of the Army (Washington, DC) 

Family ID:


Appl. No.:



April 4, 1974