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How to create a database connection in WPF and add it to Entity Framework

02.08.2018 (👁596)


How to create a database connection in WPF?


If you've added an existing database as a draft to the WPF project, the easiest way to create a data connection is to double-click the database under Visual Studio



This opens the Server Explorer and integrates the SQL Server database as Datat Connections


This process is important if you then want to build an Entity Framework connection.

When going under WPF Project-> Add-> New Item


Then in the dialog Add New Item-> Data-> ADO.Net Entity Data Model

Name: dbModel


Integrate a new EF database structure


And Entity Data Model Wizard-> Choose Model Contents-> EF Designer from Database



Is the generated data connection proposed to the local database

Under Save connection settings in App.Config

Is it possible to specify the database context like: dbTables_and_Views.


Then finally select the tables

Tip: Save model namespace as dbModel


Done: integrated into the WPF project