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Excel vsto Addin: Remove custom toolbars

06.09.2018 (👁592)


How to remove the custom toolbars in VSTO Addins?


If I create an addin for Excel in Visual Studio under Vsto Office, then in 2016 the new Ribbon will show the area "Custom Toolbars" in front of the actual Ribbonbar areas.

an old problem


Custom Toolbars in Vsto Addins in Excel


As seen under Visual Studio in VSTO Addin, the design does not show any custom toolbars


Unfortunately, you can not hide or manually remove the custom toolbars

(Excel-> Menu-> Options-> Customize Ribbon)




You have to go to Excel-> Menu-> Developer Tools-> COM Add-Ins->

Disable the Addin: Team Foundation add-in


After that, as shown here, the custom toolbar area is removed