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Excel Addin: Creating a Ribbonbar Buttons for a vba Excel Addin

06.09.2018 (👁855)


How to create a button in Excel's Ribbonbar from the vba code in an Excel Addin.



For an existing Excel Addin, a button should be created, which is generally used in the toolbar or Ribbonbar of Excel.

No separate Vsto Addin is created, but the existing code of the Excel xlam Addin file is accessed.



Create a button in Ribbonbar

In Excel addin

Under Project-> This Workbook

If the Ribbonbar button code is written


Option Explicit On


Private Const MenuName As String = "menu_CodeDocu_de"


Private Sub Create_Ribbonbar_Addin_Button()

    '------------< Create_Ribbonbar_Addin_Button() >------------

    '-< Set Ribbonbar_Addin >-

    On Error Resume Next


    On Error GoTo 0

    Dim addin_Menu As CommandBar

    Set addin_Menu = Application.CommandBars.Add(MenuName, msoBarTop)

    addin_Menu.Visible = True

    '-</ Set Ribbonbar_Addin >-


    '-< create button >-

    Dim btn As CommandBarButton

    Set btn = addin_Menu.Controls.Add(Type:=msoControlButton)

    btn.Caption = "Emails senden.."

    btn.OnAction = "Test_Addin"

    btn.FaceId = 5622

    btn.Style = msoButtonIconAndCaptionBelow

    '-</ create button >-

    '------------</ Create_Ribbonbar_Addin_Button() >------------

End Sub





Code to execute

In Project-> Modules

The code to be executed is written, which is called by the Ribbonbar button


Option Explicit On


Public Sub Test_Addin()

    MsgBox("Test Addin")

End Sub




Save in Excel Addin


The whole code can be saved in an Excel file.

When saving, select as Save as: as add-in


And then can simply pass the addin, for example, by making the addin available on a share drive.

The add-in file is then available as Excel.xlam.