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PDF Text Reader for Excel Word Access

11.10.2018 (👁3480)


The following COM Control application can be integrated into MS Office programs to import PDF documents as text.

You have to integrate the COM Control into the vba macro code and can then receive the text content of a PDF file by single call and then transfer it to the Excel or Word document



in Excel Word Powerpoint Access


Vba Macro Code, PDF Reader PDF Import




Code page

Example in Excel

Also works in Ms Word, Office, Outlook, PowerPoint


With the lines of the PDF Reader is called and the text of the PDF document read out as a string

    '< get PDF Text >

    Dim pdf_Reader As New Pdf_Text_Reader.pdf_Reader

    sText = pdf_Reader.get_Text(sFilename)

    '</ get PDF Text >



Example code in vba

Option Explicit On


Public Sub Read_PDF_Text()

    '------------< Read_PDF_Text() >------------

    Dim ws As Worksheet

    Set ws = ActiveSheet


    Dim sFilename As String

    sFilename = "C:\_Daten\Desktop\VS_Projects\ActiveX\Pdf_Text_Reader\_Test\PDF_Import_Excel.pdf"


    Dim sText As String


    '< get PDF Text >

    Dim pdf_Reader As New Pdf_Text_Reader.pdf_Reader

    sText = pdf_Reader.get_Text(sFilename)

    '</ get PDF Text >


    '----< Read as Lines >----

    Dim arrLines

    arrLines = Split(sText, vbLf)


    Dim iLine As Integer

    iLine = 1

    Dim vLine

    For Each vLine In arrLines

        iLine = iLine + 1

        ws.Cells(iLine + 20, 2).Value = vLine


    '----</ Read as Lines >----


    '------------</ Read_PDF_Text() >------------

End Sub




Control integration

To do this, you have to integrate the following COM Control

(attached to the download)

The macro code / Vba code page comes with Alt-F11

Vba Code Page -> Menu -> Tools -> References

And then, by browsing the file: Pdf_Text_Reader.tlb embed





The Pdf_Text_Reader is a COM control file, which exists as a .dll. The application uses iTextSharp to read the text.

Register.bat and Unregister.bat are for installation on the computer.

The following files are required in the appendix.



On the target computer you have to adjust the Register.bat.

Register.bat contains the code to install on the PC


In the register.bat you have to edit the path to the COM.dll file.

Just replace the xxxxx against the path where the file Pdf_Text_Reader.dll is located

C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\regasm.exe "C:\\xxxxxxxxxxx\Pdf_Text_Reader.dll" /tlb /codebase



Then run the file as an administrator