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High speed plasma focus fusion reactor

02.05.2019 (👁1761)



An electrical discharge thermonuclear reactor having a capacitor which is discharged into a reaction chamber through a low inductance distribution circuit funneling discharge current to a focus point in the reaction chamber so that the magnitude of the magnetic field intensity associated with the discharge current is generally inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the focus point. Then the circuit inductance is limited to a minimum value regardless of the absolute maximum distance from the capacitor to the focus point and thus the size of the capacitor. The distribution circuit has two outward-branching, interpenetrating three dimensional circuit networks of opposite polarity conveniently fabricated by stacking conductor plates having a generally cylindrical geometry. The distribution circuit spherically surrounds the reaction chamber so far as is practical so that the discharge rate, power and energy transfer to the reaction chamber are maximized and thus reducing the required size of the reactor.


Inventors:     Auchterlonie; Richard C. (Chicago, IL)

Appl. No.:     06/325,321

Filed:  November 27, 1981