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Bor-Wasserstoff-Fusion mit DPF

02.05.2019 (๐Ÿ‘2046)


Controlled nuclear fusion using hydrogen-Boron-11 (p-B11)  fuel would constitute a  transformative source of electricity with major  advantages over any other known source of energy. No neutrons are produced in this reaction, p  + B11  ๏‚ฎ 3 He4, and the released energy is carried only by charged particles.  This  makes  possible  the  direct


Journal of Fusion Energy 30(5):367-376 ยท October 2011


Referenz Link

1 Theory and experimental program for  p-B11 Fusion with the Dense Plasma Focus Eric J. Lerner, S. Krupakar Murali, and A. Haboub Lawrenceville Plasma Physics Inc