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Fraud Email: Noble Energy Email four years contract supply via

23.12.2020 (👁8202)
Fraud, Scam, Phishing, Betrug
folgende Email kam über rein

Greetings Raimund ,

Thank you for your email, this is regardless of your profession or area of specialization. Please read through my message.

I was in contact with you in respect to our company's interest in giving out a four years contract supply. Our company NOBLE ENERGY, INC®. (USA) is giving out a contract of supply of "BIOCIDES ADHESIVE COMPOUND " We are willing to give this contract to any reliable individual(s) or company who can capably handle this contract.

First, let me inform you that this contract doesn't really demand much qualification in Oil and Gas because your duty as the Contractor or whomever you are directing on this regards is to source and supply this product from the manufacturing company and deliver the Goods at the appointed time and also note that this contract do not mandate you to leave your country or distract you from your present job.


1) You will work as an Independent contractor(you are to decide where to establish your office, you can establish your office in your country)

2) Make inquiry from manufacturers of the product, so as to get the product specification.

3) Make the required product available and supply it to Noble Energy, Inc. USA (Once product specification is approved )

4) On a monthly basis as requested by Noble Energy, Inc. Also you will be responsible to check the status of the goods at the manufacturer's factory , a day or 2 days(during the monthly supply) before its shipment to our company (NOBLE ENERGY, INC®. Huston , Texas USA.


(1) Monthly Flight Allowance from your current location to manufacturer's factory for goods inspection will be paid by NOBLE ENERGY, INC®. (USA).

(2) You will be paid a Contractor establishment fee of $350,000.00 (Three Hundred and Fifty thousand United States Dollars) for the four years contract. The establishment fee of $350,000.00 is geared towards facilitating you to establish an office in any country of your choice or your home country. Note that our company will pay you this fee immediately if they received your product sample.

(3) You will earn $15 on each liter as your working commission

(4) You will be earning $200,000 as monthly salary (Note that our company will increase your salary by 10% monthly)

(5) You are also entitled to Accommodation Allowance in any country of your choice or your home country.

(6) An Official Car from NOBLE ENERGY, INC. (USA) (Newest 2019 Toyota Land Cruiser) will be given to you for your official use.


Let me quickly inform you that the challenging part of this contract is that, it is the duty of the contractor to supply his/her product sample from its manufacturers either by negotiation or co-operation (which means that the contractor will bear the cost of his/her sample first supplied to NOBLE ENERGY, INC®. (USA). 

Note that our company will reimburse immediately if your product sample is received by our company. 


Upon delivery of the product sample, NOBLE ENERGY, INC®. (USA) would Reimburse/Repay the contractor according to the quantity supplied. Further information regarding the product sample delivery will be enclosed to you by our company contract department. Your inability to supply your sample proves you are not capable in handling this contract.

MONTHLY SUPPLY QUANTITY: 30,000 liters (150 drums of 200-liter drum) with an Upfront Payment of 100% for Mobilizing the purchase of 30,000 liters.

To proceed further, I want you to understand that from the position I occupy and years working with our company (NOBLE ENERGY, INC®. USA), it will be unprofessional of me to introduce a non-capable person to handle this contract and after viewing your past and present career stated on your profile, I indeed with no doubt that you are capable to handle and deliver according to our company's demand, so at this juncture i would like you to confirm if you are capable to handle this contract sufficiently as mentioned descriptively above.

Upon confirming your interest regarding my above mail, I will direct you to the contract department to learn the contract MOU.

Best regards,

Mr. Thomas J Edelman.

Board of Director