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How to Protect Yourself from Ransomware Threat in Windows 10

02.03.2021 (👁1213)

What is ransomware?

Randsomware malware does the following: it encrypts folders and directories on the computer with a key.



Only against payment of a ransom amount will "perhaps" the encryption keys be released by the extortionists.

Most of the time, the money is paid in Bitcoin and the blackmailers dive off without giving back an unlock.

The fraudsters are mostly based in North Korea or Russia.


How to protect yourself in Windows 10

In Windows 10, you can enable built-in protection against ransomware.


To do this, you simply have to enter in the search bar ransomware and then click on theselection> ransomware protection


Ransomware Protection


Monitored folder access

Then you have to add the activation button: to On and under protected folders to add your own important folders, which should be protected

Open Ransomware Protection in Window 10

You can find ransomware protection in Windows 10 by entering ransomware   in the search box of the taskbar

Selection: Protected Folders

In Protected Folders you have to add your own data folders manually.

That is, all directories in which documents with data are located