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solved: SQL Server 2017: C: \ is not a valid installation folder

12.07.2018 (👁13479)



When installing extensions and changes to the SQL Server Express Edition, the message that the installation does not contain a valid installation folder is displayed.

It does not seem to matter which folder is selected in the installation


In the point:

SQL Server Installation Center-> Installation-> New standalone SQL Server installation or adding features to an existing installation

Open the existing SQLServer Express Edition



You start the installation from the SETUP.EXE file of the SQL server installation directory, which you need.

In this example, the SQL server was already installed as SQL Server Express Edition. During installation, the installation was placed near the data path.

One always finds the path when trying to create a database as a default path.

Anyway, there is also a folder there: ExpressAdv_DEU or ExpressAdv_ENU. If you start the SETUP.exe file from this path, then the complete installation takes place.


Full text install

After installing the Sqlserver Advanced Edition, you can open a database and define the full-text index for a table