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Template Exel file with system addin

07.09.2018 (👁2204)

Download of Files:



This article discusses an Excel help tool that allows you to create simple Excel input forms.

The Excel file has green input fields, which should serve as input navigation as with the tax office. All other areas are automatically locked by the Excel add-in.

In addition, all necessary parameters and variables are stored in a _Setup data sheet. The system-relevant Exel auxiliary sheets must be named with a _subtrable and are then automatically hidden completely.


In the system Excel sheets such as _Setup, data can be stored which should not be visible to the user at the time of entry.

The add-in hides them with the attribute: VeryHidden.



Install Excel Add-In


The Excel add-in is located in an Excel file with the file extension .xlam.

This file contains simple vba-Excel macro code that can be optimized and improved by Excel users.


All Install in Excel of Excel Addin as .xlam file

Then on Developer Tools-> Excel Add-ins->: In the dialog: Add-ins on the button: Browse


To apply the addin, you have to go to the file dialog: Browse to the path with the Excel addin and select the file: Addin_System.xlam



Addin Ribbonbar

The classic addins, which were embedded by Excel .xlam files or .xla files, appear automatically in Excel 2013, 2016 Office365

under Ribbonbar-> Add-ins-> Custom Symbol Files

In the structure of the Excel document you can outsource all system-relevant data in system sheets. These sheets are named with a _underline and can be hidden automatically with the addin.




Addin hiding removes all system leaves with the attribute: veryhidden


fade in

With Addin-> Show (Unlock) all system sheets are displayed again.

The system or initialization sheets begin with a _colour in the name field


The hidden system sheets are not directly under Excel sheet-> Show


write protection

In Addin, all sheets are locked when hiding or Lock and only the released input fields can still be entered.

As a result, the Excel sheet becomes a pure data input sheet, which is locked against other changes.



If one tries to write in a protected cell or change the cell, then comes a message

Write protection Excel:

The cell or diagram that that you want to change is on a read-only sheet.

To make a change, remove the sheet's protection. You may be asked to enter a password