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Resolved: The command "adb" is either misspelled or could not be found.

28.09.2018 (👁3240)



On Android Studio in Windows 10, the error message comes when using the Android Studio-> Terminal

That the command adb can not be found.



You have to enter the path to adb.exe in the Windows 10 environment variables


Error message in terminal



Android Studio

Terminal debugging


1) you have to search the path to Android / Android sdk / platform-tools


This can usually be found in the File Explorer under the Program (x86) files

C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Android \ android-sdk \ platform-tools


Path in Windows 10 ..

C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools    


Then enter in Windows 10 Cortana: environment variables

And choose

Edit System Environment Variables (Control Panel)


Dialog: System Properties:

Then under Advanced-> Button: Select Environment Variables



Dialog: Environment Variables

In Windows 10, select then in System Variables-> PSModulePath

And then the button: Edit



Dialog: Environment Variable Edit

Here you enter under Button: New a new entry, in which one simply copies the path from the file explorer to the adb.

Please enter a \ backslash at the end of the path.




In the terminal under Android Studio should then go back to the debugging.

C:\_Daten\Desktop\VS_Projects\Android\demo\Demo06_Database01>adb forward tcp:8080 tcp:8080

* daemon not running. starting it now at tcp:5037 *

* daemon started successfully *