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Word vba error: Can not address individual rows in this collection because the table contains vertically linked cells.

22.10.2018 (👁1639)





  Message=Es können keine individuellen Reihen in dieser Sammlung adressiert werden, weil die Tabelle vertikal verbundene Zellen enthält.

  Source=<Cannot evaluate the exception source>


<Cannot evaluate the exception stack trace>




The error occurs when you want to go through rows and columns in Word vba tables.

If cells have been linked horizontally or vertically in a table, enumeration after Table.Rows [n] or Table.Columns [n] is no longer possible

Here in C #

Because the table has linked cells, the program code causes an error in the Word add-in.




Solution in vba or C # code.

One may only examine for Cells

cell = table.Cell(1, iCol);

If a cell can not be captured, try-catch must break the error


Example Word traversing through C # in a Word addin

//*Loop all tables and look for header

foreach (Word.Table table in _doc.Tables)


    if (table.Rows.Count > 0)


        int intColumns_Count = table.Columns.Count;

        for (int iCol = 1; iCol <= intColumns_Count; iCol++)


            //----< @Loop: Columns in Table_Header >----

            Cell cell = null;



                cell = table.Cell(1, iCol);

                if (cell.Range.Text.IndexOf(sHeader) == 0)


                    return table;



            catch (Exception)


                //< endofcolumns >


                //</ endofcolumns >


            //----</ @Loop: Columns in Table_Header >----